Bringing Transparency to Transfer

Manage incoming transfer students, articulation agreements, equivalency tables, and market your online courses.

JustTransfer helps higher education leaders simplify and speed up the transfer process and increase student success.

Why Use JustTransfer

COVID is rapidly accelerating change throughout every industry. Even though the numbers of transfers have increased, the bottlenecks that exist have been neglected for far too long.

Simplifying transfer processes for your institution will be paramount in staying ahead of the curve in a post COVID future.

We're building that here at JustTransfer and we want to be the backbone for this issue going forward.

How We Differ

We understand that there may be hesitation with a new Higher-Ed product or tool. How could there not be?

For the last few decades, the entire EdTech industry has taken advantage of Higher-Ed by offering complicated-to-use products, creating vendor lock in, and providing little to no updates or support to their products.

JustTransfer is a product driven company with one goal in mind: make transfer as easy and painless for all stakeholders involved.

We’ll work tirelessly with you to solve your problems.

CourseMatch, finding matching credit in seconds

Evaluating equivalencies can take a long time. Current transfer tools only show you existing equivalencies, making them glorified online spreadsheets.

Our CourseMatch algorithm can suggest brand new equivalencies for you in seconds. Just add them with one click and let us figure out the rest.

  • Evaluate Transfer Equivalencies in seconds

  • Self learning network

  • Save hours on transfer evaluation

Equivalency Tables

Some schools keep their transfer equivalencies private. Some want them public. Some want to provide temporary access to individuals.

Why not have all three?

  • One click to make them public or private

  • Grant temporary access to individuals

  • Advanced filtering and always up to date

Articulation Agreements

Stop referencing expired articulation agreements from the 90's. Keeping these agreements up to date is critical to improving the transfer process for higher ed and their students.

  • Easily create new agreements

  • Manage existing agreements

  • Review suggested agreements that we automatically generate for you

Online Course Marketplace

Especially during the COVID pandemic, expand your online courses to the entire world. We have students use our course marketplace from all parts of the world. Find students that your current marketing strategies are not targeting.